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Dr. Henry Jekyll: No. Hyde will never use me again.
Dorian Gray: Then what good are you?

Marksman #2: What are you?
Dorian Gray: I'm complicated.

Dorian Gray: Ah. The bedroom, Mina. Does it give you memories? Or ideas?

Dorian Gray: If that had been permanent, I'd have been very upset.

Dorian Gray: Empires crumble. There are no exceptions.
M: You think you're better than me. You forget. I've seen your painting.

Mina Harker: You're sweet... and you're young. Neither are traits that I hold in high regard.

Mina Harker: Do you realize what you've done? What you've let out of me?
Dorian Gray: A woman's wrath? Oh, I'm petrified.

Dorian Gray: I'm an immortal, sir, not a gazelle. How can we outrun this?

Dorian Gray: I hoped I'd get to nail you one more time. Didn't think it'd be literally.

[Dorian and Mina, both immortals, are fighting]
Dorian Gray: We'll be at this all day.

M: To that end, I set my wolf among you sheep.
Dorian Gray: Growl.

Rodney Skinner (the Invisible Man): Oh, brandy anyone?
Dorian Gray: Help yourself.
Mina Harker: Don't let it ruin your makeup.
Captain Nemo: I'm impressed, Mr. Gray. You take Skinner's uniqueness in your stride.
Dorian Gray: Well, I've seen too much in my life to shock easily.

Dorian Gray: I've lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor.

Mina Harker: You're a little testy, Mr. Q.
Allan Quatermain: Mrs. Harker, I doubt if you measure danger the way I do.
Mina Harker: And I imagine you with quite the library, Mr. Quatermain. All those books you must have read merely by looking at their covers.
Allan Quatermain: I've had women along on past exploits, and found them to be, at best, a distraction.
Mina Harker: Do I distract you?
Allan Quatermain: My dear girl, I've buried two wives and many lovers... and I'm in no mood for more of either.
Rodney Skinner (The Invisible Man): You can send 'em my way.
Allan Quatermain: Skinner, shut up.

Lifestyle Journalist: Do you have anything you want to say to the other vampires?
Lestat: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.
Lifestyle Journalist: What is that?
Lestat: Come out, come out, where ever you are.

Lestat: Boo. That was quite a preformance. You should learn to be more careful. So, you know Marius?
Jesse: I know alot of things.
Lestat: Not how to stay alive, apparently.
Jesse: O, I guess we have that in common, though I think I'm a little ahead of the race, here.
Lestat: Well, I can fix that.
Jesse: Your song "Redeemer" is about the girl with the violin?
Lestat: Yes. And what else do you think you know?
Jesse: You want...
Lestat: What do I want?
Jesse: You yearn...
Lestat: What do I yearn... what do I yearn...
Jesse: To walk with the living... out of the cold dark waste land of eternity.
Lestat: Very good, Talamascan. I knew I left that journal somewhere.

Lestat: Many times I've called for Marius, but there was no answer. Just the endless precession of days, months, years... My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.

Journalist: Yes, but these other vampires aren't they going to be pissed off at you giving away their secrets?
Lestat: Mmmmm...I imagine they are...Yes...!

"Evil is a point of view."

"Old truths and ancient magic, revolution and invention, all conspire to distract us from the passion that in one way or another defeats us all."

"Hell is hatred, people living together in eternal hatred. We are not in Hell."

"I was the Vampire Lestat again. I was back in action. New Orleans was once again my hunting ground"

"It was enough to make an old world monster go back into the earth, this stunning irreverence to the mighty scheme of things enough to make him lie down and weep. Or enough to make him become a rock singer, when you think about it...."

"The man ---Alex, the sleek delicate young drummer, and his taller blond-haired brother Larry---recognized my name when I told them it was Lestat. Not only did they recognize it, but they connected it with a body of information about me that they had read in a book. In fact, they thought it was delightful that I wasn't just pretending to be any vampire. Or Count Dracula. Everybody was sick of Count Dracula. They thought it was marvellous that I was pretending to be The Vampire Lestat. 'Pretending to be the Vampire Lestat?' I asked"

"All right, listen to me. We are going out. But we shall do it like proper vampires, do you hear! There are one thousand people in the church and we are going to scare them to death. I will lift the stone and we will rise together, and when we do, raise your arms and make the most horrible face you can muster and cry out if you can. That will make them fall back, instead of pouncing us and dragging us off to prison, and the we'll rush to the door"

"Don't you see?' I said softly. 'It is a new age. It requires a new evil. And I am that new evil. I am the vampire for these times"

"Children of the Millennia, they were sometimes called. In the North of Europe there were tales of Mael, who dwelt in the forest of England and Scotland; and in Asia Minor the legend of Pandora. And in Egypt, the tale of the ancient vampire Ramses, seen again in this very time. The ancient heretic Marius had been found in Venice, and there punished by the Children of Darkness. The legend of Marius had been true. But Marius was no more"

"Maybe people had to be dead six thousand years for her to love them"

"Shortly after reaching the colony, I fell fatally in love with Louis, a young dark-haired bourgeois planter, graceful of speech and fastidious of manner, who seemed in his cynicism and self-destructiveness the very twin of Nicolas. He had Nicki's grim intensity, his rebelliousness, his tortured capacity to believe and not to believe, and finally to despair. Yet Louis gained a hold over me far more powerful than Nicolas ever had. Even in his cruelest moments, Louis touched the tenderness in me, seducing me with his staggering dependence, his infatuation with my every gesture and every spoken word. But I loved him, plain and simple. And it was out of the desperation to keep him, to bind him closer to me at the most precarious of moments, that I committed the most selfish and impulsive act of my entire life among the living dead. It was the crime that was to be my undoing; the creation with Louis and for Louis of Claudia, a stunningly beautiful vampire child"

"A singer can shatter a glass with the proper high note...But the simplest way for anyone to break it is simply to drop it on the floor."

"Only the impossible can do the impossible"

"So until we meet again, I am thinking of you always; I love you; I wish you were here... in my arms."

"Come on, say it again. I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!"

"I can't help being a gorgeous fiend, it's just the card I drew"

"I swear to God I don't tell lies to others. But I lie to myself."

"None of us really changes over time; we only become more fully what we are."

"You're a perfect devil, Lestat!" he was saying. "That's what you are! You are the devil himself!"

"I don't like myself you know. I love myself. I'm devoted to myself till my dying day. But I don't like myself."

"Because I show you my pain, I do not of necessity love you."
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